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If you’ve dreamed of playing casino games and winning big jackpots, then this is now a step closer to becoming a reality with our South African casino online review. We present the best online operators in Africa and you are able to read their reviews, play their games and win their own money to keep!

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1Spin Casino
2Royal Vegas
3All Slots

Discussing the services and features of your casino online

Now that the world is going through a huge boom in online casinos, South Africa has its share of some incredible sites offering the best games, biggest jackpots and sports betting features.

We made our site to help players find their new and licensed South African online casinos a lot easier. The growth of the market in South Africa all changed in 2011 when online gambling was made legal. For those unaware of the laws, they are pretty much the same as 90% of all other countries in the world. Online gambling is not illegal, but those wishing to enjoy this must do so through online casinos which are registered outside of the South African borders.

The casinos we present meet these requirements. You can play in South African casinos online that are registered in Europe and be fully within the laws set out by the gambling board in South Africa. Even though they are registered overseas, they are still built for the African nationals and will accept and will payout African currency.

Getting the best start online is essential and we have achieved our goal in helping players on the right path to success, with over 90,000 using our support and services last year alone.

Providing to you only the best online casino options

SA online casino games

Through our site, you can find the top 10 casinos to join that meet these gambling law terms and you can read their reviews to help you fully understand the services which are provided to the members which choose to join.

There are plenty of casinos online in the South African market and you don’t want you falling for those which aren’t in compliance to the codes of conduct set out by the licensees and regulatory bodies.

It sure won’t be an easy choice when there are so many brilliant sites out there that you have full access to and these include the likes of Springbok casino, Africasino, Thunderbolt casino, if you're interested in this casino, find a review here along with many others. If you are wanting assured services that have met the legal conditions of the most toughest online gambling bodies, then we have them. They are also certified fair play sites, so none of the games are fix or rigged. Not only have all the reviewed casino been checked over by the gambling authorities but we have double checked them ourselves to make sure the licenses are still in date and that their security systems still meet the conditions required, because there are many online operators with big names that are functioning with out of date security software. We believe this to be very important, because playing with a sense of peace can make gambling online more fun and less stressful.

Through our site, we not only supply a list of recommended operators but also provide a package of services that can help players go beyond just picking a place to win in. Through our site and menu, you will be able to expand your knowledge on the available games held by the best SA casinos online.

We have written guides on all the popular games like roulette, blackjack and slots. You will also be able to read strategy guides on how to play these games and win more convincingly.

In addition to these optional reads, you can learn to play before you enter an African online casino with the help of our free demo games.

The demo games presented here will give you the perfect platform to learn and hone your skills. You can play for free on any device with no download or registration.

Success in the casinos is only defined by one thing and that is the scale of profit you make. Sure, winning a million rand might sound impressive, but how much are you putting in to win that amount. There are rules to success, spend less and win more. Expand the divide and leave the casino every day with a new, ever-growing gulf in that profit margin. To do this, you need a plan!

There are such things as strategies for casinos and it is found within the games and also in how you approach picking a casino from the very beginning.

Which South African online casino will you be winning in?

There are 5 areas to a casino. These areas are what define our opinion on the South African casinos found in our top 10 list. The 5 areas are key in deciding which casino to join and which casino to disregard and your strategy begins here.

Through the top 10 list, you will be able to read the reviews of each of the casinos. You will read about the games which are made available. You will have information on the software which powers the site. There are details on the banking services which handles both deposits and withdrawals. You will read about the support provided by the team on-hand and lastly, you will discover what bonuses are made readily available to players so that they can play real money games for free!

The foundations have already been completed. You have casinos which are licensed and regulated. They are approved gambling sites which pay in rand currency. You now need to build on this platform.

1. What games will you play?

2. Which casino services these games best?

3. What bonuses are there available to play the games for free?

4. Which banking service can I use to get the money bank faster?

5. Can you play your favourite games through multiple devices?

Just these five things will help you to find the best casino for you to join. Enjoy the rest of our website and we hope you find the perfect South African casino online to win in.