Pomene Lodge: Redevelopment Plans brings in Excavation

iron ore excavator and crusher

With the expansion of the resort underway, the site is currently not taking any bookings. The machines have rolled in and are here to redevelop the area so that the resort can add further facilities to the tranquil spot. But not so tranquil right now with robust excavators and crushing machines has temporarily turned the Pomene lodge into a dust bowl.

The expansion of the site was seen as a necessity given the popularity of this paradise. We are looking to upgrade our systems and facilities to allow for better plumbing, greater access to power sources as we install more electrical cabling and look to solar energy also.

Right now, we are welcomed by pleasure seeking guests and tourists, but colossal machines. I’ve had to do my homework to learn about what they are. Seems the necessary equipment to do such a transformation requires the following.

Skid Steers, these are loaders that scoop up, dig and carry large materials. We have 2 of these on site.

Then there are backhoes, these are what create the cable trenches to allow us to access higher power sources and grids. We have one of these on site.

We then have the loaders, that do the more bumpier of tasks where digging is required. And then we have the trucks that remove the debris that is exhumed from the massive iron ore excavator and crusher. The iron ore excavator and crusher are the largest piece of equipment on site and looks like something that wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction movie.

The excavation of the land is planned to take roughly 3 to 6 months with the weather determining how quick it can be done, here in Mozambique if it’s hot, it’s too hot, and when it’s cold, it’s raining. Once the process of readdressing the surrounding land is done, then it will take further time to reconstruct the accommodation which will allow guests to experience a more modernized environment including our new casino.

Despite the noise and the continuous billows of dust and sand churned up by mechanical teeth and steel arms, it has been fascinating to see how such a task is approached and goes through its progression. I had only assumed at the time of planning that a digger and truck was required, little did we know about the lay of the land and how important to know where to dig and not dig would become.

For now, until everything is ready and refurbishment is back on track, we shall continue to watch the iron ore excavator and crusher do there work, see the backhoe funnel out our much needed trenches and await the bulldozer to help out in the final stages.

Once the Pomene Lodge resort is up and running with its new renewable power, newly built accommodation and casino, we will be sure, you are the first to know, so your bookings can be promptly made. Thank you for stopping by.

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